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If you are taking part on your own you only need to register – and this will create a team of 1 with you as Captain. The team name can be set on this page:

If you want to enter as a group the Team Captain should sign up for an account. The Team Captain can then invite team members from this page: Team members will then register for accounts using the team invite link they receive by email. The team name can be set by the team Captain editing their Profile on the “Details” page.

If you receive a team invite from a Captain after you have already registered then you will need to change your team. Do this by using the “Change Team” form on this page: You will need to ask your Team Captain for your team’s unique ID which looks a bit like: team_c5c9ad_20b6cc_10fe-8e64-ee9d86c58780

Use the answer boxes on the Challenge page. You will only see this if you are the Team Captain, as only they can submit your answer. If you are not the Captain you will see a reminder of this. If your Captain is not going to be available to post the team submission for a particular round make sure you have a deputy who knows the Captain’s login username and password so they can submit instead.

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